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Introducing AR.FreeFlight 2.0 for the new AR.Drone 2.0

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AR Parrot Drone 2.0 – Source: Ardrone2.parrot.com

AR Parrot Drone 2.0 – Source: Ardrone2.parrot.com

The AR.Drone 2.0 quadracopter has onboard Wi-Fi and is controlled by Android, Apple and Nook devices. Version 2.0 adds a pressure sensor that allows vertical stability to 164 feet (50 m), adds a 3-axis magnetometer to make flying easier and records HD (720p) video.

AR.FreeFlight 2.0 is the new drone app for the AR.Droid 2.0 quadracopter. You can login to YouTube and stream flight videos directly to your personal video channel. You can connect to AR.Drone Academy, Parrot’s online drone pilot community, and swap videos, discover nearby pilot friends and share flight data.

Run AR.FreeFlight 2.0 and tap on Piloting. You will see the video feed from the forward camera on your screen. A graphical joystick appears on the right and left side if you are in joystick mode. The opacity of these sticks can be adjusted in settings. If you select absolute control mode, your drone is controlled by your device’s accelerometer.

Tapping the green take-off button at the bottom of the screen causes the drone to start the engines and rise to a height between 50 cm and 1 meter. It will auto-hover until you provide more input. In flight, this button is replaced by a green landing button.

Buttons at the top of your screen include a home page button, a battery level meter, the settings button, a network status indicator, a red emergency button, a camera switcher and a red recording button. If for some reason there is danger involved with the drone’s flight, pressing the emergency button cuts all four motors and the drone will fall out of the air.

Settings include pairing to a new device, changing the network name, changing the interface opacity and enabling usb recording. You can select the outdoor hull, outside flying mode, joypad mode, absolute mode and left-handed mode. You can also set the altitude limit, maximum vertical speed, maximum rotation speed, and maximum tilt angle.

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